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     Mission & Values Statement

Our mission is to be a company comprised of good people, who do good work, with a good attitude, for good people.  We work to honor God in all that we do.  


Guiding Philosophies
*  Trust, respect, and loyalty are earned
*  Quality is everyone's job
*  Everything can be improved
*  Different opinions and ideas are always valuable
*  Our people are our greatest asset, our strength is in our teamwork
*  Our industry can all at once be challenging, exasperating, creative, nerve-racking, gratifying, punishing, and rewarding - Enjoy It!
*  We value flexability, quick thinking, and the fluid ability to respond to changing circumstances
*  We like to compete and win.  We value a "fire in the belly" attitude
*  We seek balance in every situation
*  Always be able to say "I'm doing the very best I know how, and I'm treating others the way I would want to be treated"
*  you harvest what you plant
*  Lead by example, encourage, demand responsibility, and hard effort
*  We are first and foremost a Toolshop.  Do that and do it well!