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As of April 19, 2016, Fehrman Tool & Die has been acquired by the Velocity Group, a full-service design, engineering and manufacturing organization specializing in accelerated onshore services. The acquisition of Fehrman Tool & Die is part of the Velocity Group's commitment to providing medical, industrial, transportation, and other markets with domestic skilled labor and advanced manufacturing technologies that can bring concepts to market fast. We believe that innovation can be accelerated by leveraging best-in-class onshore design, development and production resources to reduce both the time and cost of offshore development approaches.

Effective April 19, 2016, Fehrman Tool & Die's name has changed to Velocity Concept Development Group, LLC.

Visit velocityfast.com to learn more about the Velocity Group.

Fehrman Tool & Die Inc. is a custom Tool Shop.  
We design and manufacture High Quality Plastic Injection
Molds, Stamping Dies, as well as all kinds of custom parts
and machining.  

We are dedicated to Quality, Craftsmanship, and Competative
pricing as we meet the needs of our customers.

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